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Author, Educator, Life Coach

Ms. Linda D. Jernigan is an ex-homosexual who experienced same-sex attractions most of her life.  In addition, Linda never felt like a woman, not even as a young girl. By age twenty-one, Linda lived as a transgendered; wearing men’s clothes, shoes, jewelry, and cologne.  Nothing about Linda’s outer appearance resembled a woman.  Linda felt like a man and lived her life as a man for a couple decades.


However, when Linda became a Christian, she exited lesbianism but was still troubled about her identity.  Linda fully embraced that God created her a woman, but internally she had not made the connection with her physical body. As she attempted to discuss her feeling with Christian leaders, although some were compassionate, they could not relate nor offer advice to Linda’s satisfaction.  Linda was 100% assured of her conversion, and was not interested in same-sex relationships, however, as she continued to look at unwanted facial hair, a deep voice, and masculine characteristics, she wondered why? Linda needed a real resolution, not rooted in opinions nor church clichés, but authentic, verifiable answers.


One day, while watching television, Linda heard the term transgendered and felt a connection, based on the definition. Because she related to what she heard, Linda decided to study the ‘trans’ community.  Linda soon realized that what she experienced all her life had a name and it was, “Transgendered.  Transgendered is when one feels like they arethe opposite sex.  Women feel like men, and men feel like women.  Being a Christian, Linda knew would be severely persecuted and ridiculed, therefore, she decided to hide her own connection with the transgendered community.  Although she had a resolution to her issue and was finally at peace, Linda vowed she would never reveal this to anyone!


As a Christian evangelist, who routinely spoke at and held multiple leadership positions within Christian churches, Linda saw an uptick in homosexuals who attended churches.  They were preached to, yelled at, taught, embarrassed, prayed for, and shamed…but yet most experienced ‘none-to-very-little’ freedom. The struggle was real and apparent…and in our churches!  Christian leaders became baffled but would not admit that all of their efforts were ineffective!


On the other hand, Linda mentored and discipled homosexuals and transgendered into freedom with the simple message of “Know your true identity.”  Her methodology became so successful that many ascribed their path into freedom from her one-on-one discourse.  Linda believes that regardless of what you feel, you will knowthe truth and that truth will make you free…free to be whom God created you to be!  No hypocrisy.


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A New Book From Ms. Linda D. Jernigan, M.A.