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Linda D. Jernigan, M.A. was born on the Westside of Chicago, IL. She is the youngest of eight children. Linda’s biological mom was killed by a drunk driver when she was three weeks old. Because of her young age, Linda’s biological father decided to allow her to be raised by her maternal aunt while he raised her seven siblings. Under her aunt’s supervision, Linda thrived academically, socially, and in her Christian studies. Linda was a bright star whose light shined in the creative arts. At age thirteen, Linda moved from her aunt’s home and soon afterwards her life began to spiral downward. Where Linda was once a shining star who loved reading, singing, and acting, her light dimmed immediately after moving from her aunt’s home. As a teenager she succumbed to the temptations of Chicago’s urban street life and entered into homosexuality.


After graduating from John Hay Elementary School in 1983, Linda attended Westinghouse Vocational High School where she hoped to get a fresh start in her young life. Unfortunately, that hope was not enduring. Linda dropped out of high school in the eleventh grade and fully embraced ‘street life’ laced with alcohol, drugs, and lesbianism. After years of living a disappointing, dreary, and dismal life, Linda returned to school to receive her GED with the hope to alter her discouraging future through education. Linda passed her GED test after only two months of attending GED classes.   After she passed the GED exam, Linda’s love for reading was rekindled and her passion for education was revitalized. Linda was enthusiastically optimistic that maybe her life would change and education would be the key to unlock the door to an auspicious future. Therefore, Linda cheerfully abandoned her addiction to alcohol and divorced her dependency to drugs; then, she completely committed to her academic aspirations.


After forsaking all in lieu of her educational goals, Linda received her Associate of Arts degree from South Suburban College in 2006 with a concentration in English and Education. With the taste of academic success on her palate, Linda continued her pursuit until she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010 from Governors State University with a concentration in Communication and English. As a result of being an exceptional 4.0 student, Linda received three celebratory letters from the Dean of Students. However, Linda academic appetite was not yet satisfied, therefore she continued her educational pursuit and earned a Master of Arts degree in 2012 from Governors State University with a concentration in Communication and Education.


Linda is a celebrated ordained Christian minister who travels the globe sharing her inspirational life transformative message of “You Can Too!” Linda has authored five literary works including the ground-breaking, trendsetting book “Rescuing Homosexuals.” In addition, Linda has written, directed, and produced two DVD’s of her life’s journey; her “Transformed” DVD was featured on the national acclaim TLN Network. Linda has been quoted in both the Chicago Sun-times and the Chicago Tribune Newspapers. Her testimony was featured in The Spiritual Perspective Magazine. Linda has testified before the Illinois House and Senate Committees, the Illinois General Assembly, in addition to the San Antonio Texas City Council.


Linda has mentored thousands in education, exiting homosexuality, anger management, and addiction recovery. Linda’s mantra is extracted from Jeremiah 32:27, “God is the God of all flesh, and there is nothing too hard for Him!”

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