Linda Jernigan Ministries | I Am Woman – The Book
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I Am Woman – The Book

From the author who wrote the trend-setting book, Rescuing Homosexuals, Ms. Linda D. Jernigan, M.A., gives us “I Am Woman” which is a transparent tell-all of an intimate, introspective investigation where she sought to discover the root to her profound and visible difference in comparison to most women.


Ms. Linda naively thought her Christian conversion would be the antidote from gender identity confusion.  In addition, Linda believed  if she diligently applied Christian principles, she learned through sound Biblical teachings and Christian doctrine, she would be inoculated from the masculine feelings she managed to mask her entire life.


Within the pages of this book, Ms. Linda discusses “Lies Your Body Tell,” “Marry the Gay Away,” “21stCentury Biblical Eunuch,” and how Linda permanently “Resolved” her own gender identity confusion.

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